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This Saturday I’ll be at Comic Arts Brooklyn at 275 N 8th st, in brooklyn duh. ill be at table U26, right across from goofy Canadians Patrick Kyle and Ginette Lapalme. I love those cat people.

I’m going to have ALL MY STUFF! and some nice prints, and a some new scars. COME SEE MY NEW SCARS AND ALL MY STUFF!  

That’s a picture of my lucky playing card, its an 8 of diamonds, i show it to cops when i get in trouble.

CAB is free and fun. also Mike Taylor of Late Era Clash is playin a giggy that night with his bandido Young Ruins, it promises to be a sweaty event.

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    Lale is one of my favorite cartoonists. go check her shit out at CAB, coz I can’t. Her drawings are like Ralph Bakshi...
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